Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Our little Drummer Boy!
Each year we travel for Christmas. We've choosen to do this because we spend all the other holidays and birthdays with Mr. HTB's family here in SoFlo. My family is evenly spread across the US. I have family in So California, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Dallas, Atlanta, North Carolina & NYC. We seriously blanket the US. So each Christmas I try to spend it with my Mommy & Daddy in Dallas. This year we are heading to ATL to visit my Aunts over at Spit & Glue. {If you haven't seen Spit & Glue you can visit that blog HERE} And because of our absence we host an early Christmas gathering at our home so that we can all exchange gifts and celebrate the holiday together! And in keeping with Mr. HTB's family tradition, Santa makes a special trip to the party to pass out presents to everyone! I wanted to share some of that celebration with you!
Waiting for Santa

{Jake wouldn't come out of his bedroom~"I hidin' Mommy}

Laney holding her little baby cousin "Baby Dawson"

Laney said "Mommy hold Baby Dawson"

Opps! Santa's here!

Jake comes out to get his presents from Santa!

He's no dummy!

Laney warms up to Santa

He does have presents after all...she wouldn't want to be rude!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. What a lovely, lovely family you have. And how could they not be. Look at you all gorgeous and smiley! Thanks for sharing part of your holiday celebration with us.

  2. Laney is sooo cute! Who wouldn't warm up to a big bearded man bearing gifts?! lol... Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  3. Practicing my Santa stance, and it's coming along nicley. My thundering HO HO HO scares the bjesus out of Dust and Rome, so it should be quite effective. This is going to be so much fun. Now you be careful, take your time, bring your appetite. Love

  4. Oh my gosh her face is priceless haha how cute!! Merry Christmas to you :)

  5. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all, Have a great holiday, Love to all and every one.

  6. Nicole Hoity Toity Baby12/25/09, 4:11 PM

    Awe....that last comment is from MY DAD? LOVE IT! I have to say....He is the best father in the world! I love him more than anything in the world! I'm a lucky girl! *MUAH*

  7. LOL! That is so funny and cute about Jake. :D What adorable photos too! Your kids are sooo super cute. I know I've said that before, but they just are. :)

  8. so cute!! your little guy is just adorable, and such cute family shots!! love your blog!


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