Foreign Object Removal

That's exactly what they did for Laney this morning. The day started out like any other and then I joined the ranks of parents whose children have shoved things up their noses. Ahhhh what an honor!

The funny thing is Mr. HTB was at home because I had some errands to run. I had returned home and was getting a few things together for him when I walked out of my bedroom to have Laney inform me what she had done.

"Ow Mommy," pointing to her nose.

"Ow Laney?"

"Apple Nose", touching her nose with her little finger.

"APPLE NOSE?" I say with urgency as I rush over to assess the situation.

"Right, Apple Nose Mommy"

And she was right! There it was! Lodged as far up her left nostril as she could get it.

I tried to get her to blow. She blew out of her mouth.

I tried to show her how to blow her nose. She breathed in instead.

So Mr. HTB took over with Jake and off to the ER we went.

The Dr. used a hemostat to remove the foreign object and sent us on our way.

We pulled up to the house. I took her from her car seat and let her down.

Mr. HTB & Jake met us on the porch where she jumped in to Mr. HTB's arms and proudly said.

"Apple all gone!"
The moral of this story...
An apple a day DOESN'T keep the Dr away!


  1. Aww~ Too cute! I bet she won't be putting apples(or anything for that matter) up her nose anymore!

  2. No picture of the apple? LOL

    My mom said I stuck a bean up my nose and she didn't know about it for a few days until it started to smell really bad. Too me to do the doctor to see why my breath smelled so bad all to learn I had a bean rotting in my nose. Ewww.


  3. Wow...at least she told you what it was and where you could find it! :o)

    My best, Lynn

  4. Many lessons learned, each and every day. How'd I miss this post?


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