Trick or Treats?

I've always been a big chicken! I admit it! I can't help it! I hate to be scared and therefore I've always preferred the Mickey Mouse version of Halloween! That not so scary toddler version where Casper is the ghost and the Jack~O~Lanterns are all smiles!
Yep, that's meeeee~ CHICKEN!

This year we are spending our Halloween trick or treating with Jake & Laney and our neighbors! We will gather at our next door neighbors home for appetizers and ghoulish cocktails after we've made our way throughout our neighborhood tricking and well, ok, treating. Here are some of the "treats" I've decided to bring.

Mummy's Pizza
Martha Stewart's Pumpkin Puffs
You can get the recipe {Here}

Grave Yard Nachos
For this you can use a bone shaped cookie cutter!
Simply lay out your corn tortillas and start cutting!
In a frying pan, heat canola oil, once it's at the proper frying temp
gently add your tortilla chips and fry until golden brown!
Sprinkle with salt and gnaw away!


  1. Such cute stuff! I love the pizzas! Think I'm gonna snag the pumpkin puff recipe! I'm not much for tricks myself. Sounds like fun! Hope y'all have a blast!

  2. I agree. The pizza's are sooo cute! I've seen the mummies done as cupcakes or cookies, but it's nice to have a savory alternative to balance out all the sweets typically brought to a Halloween shindig. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Yum- I'm all over those nachos :)

    Stopping by via SITS. Have a great day!

  4. Those are great. Did you make them yet? I want some. 71?

  5. I never thought about cutting my tortillas with a cookie cutter! Love that idea!


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