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Since I started blogging I have come across blogs of Moms out there that have been inspiring, uplifting, funny and just simply, relate~able. And through those many hours of blog hopping I have seen her name but never, for a reason I don't know, I never took that path to her blog. I did today. And what I found was probably the most important bit of life I could have stumbled on.

I try to be as positive as I can on a daily basis, and if you know me, you know some times I accomplish that task with great stride. And for those of you that know me, you know, that sometimes I fail miserably at it! As mothers, women and, well, just people I am sure that we all struggle with feelings of aggravation, feelings of inadequacy and obligation. We let the stresses of our daily life overcome the beautiful moments. I am certainly guilty of that. Before becoming a Mommy I envisioned my life and my dreams of motherhood being very June Cleaver with a healthy dose of Martha Stewart. My husband would feel like king of his castle. My home would sparkle. My children would be quiet and well behaved. My kitchen and my workspace would be my Eden and the creations that came from those spaces would be divine! And I just have to mention this....I would do it all as a happy size 6. So much for the best laid plans.

The reality is that I struggle with all of that. I admit that I feel aggravated. I admit that I have HUGE feelings of inadequacy. And I feel obligated to do many things when I would rather take the time for myself. My home doesn't sparkle. {As a matter of fact, fearing that you will all think me disgusting, the amount of dog hair floating around this house is overwhelming at times.} While my Kitchen is beautiful and my workspace my own, I rarely find time to actually create masterpieces ~ {But when I do ~ watch out!} And as for the size 6....

But I digress...today I took that trip down the blogging path over to Nie Nie. And what I found was humbling to say the least. I found a person who can take the worst, the devastating and the tragic and make it sweet and loving and put life into perspective. I am most sure that her life's journey and her new reality comes with a myriad of internal struggles. But she is stoic and her love of her family is amazing! Recently she was on Oprah talking of the day her life changed and how her love for her children and her husband are what keep her going. While I didn't get the chance to see her on the show I did visit Oprah.com and read her story and found a taped interview on the Oprah site. As I sat watching it I began to feel ashamed. Stupid. And while I know that my feelings of aggravation, inadequacy and obligation won't disappear over night, I will think of Nie Nie often and take that moment to adjust my thinking.

Please take a moment, as a busy mom, friend, wife, sister or daughter and watch
And take that blogging path over to
She is amazing.


  1. I don't watch Oprah, but I did on that day because I saw some other people mention that a blogger was going to be on there. Her story is humbling and inspirational. I ventured over to her blog {which I had seen the link to, as well, previously} and she's amazing, to say the least.

    {Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!! =) }

  2. saw this and have seen her blog. I cannot imagine the strength she possesses. Thank you for posting this.


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