Little Bits

{Little Bits from our weekend}
Laney looks up to her big brother even if he is only 1 minute older
and 1/2" shorter.

Jake being the boy he is.
Giving Mommy the thumbs up....

He loves it when Mommy chases him!

Taking a Kool~aid break
Back to being a boy!
All smiles

Bonnie & Clyde

Finally...I caught her!

She's a looker!

And a Diva ~ with a sword!

Rockin' the shades

Trying to get away from Mommy & the camera

Mommy keeps snapping the pictures....

Finally...she's still

These are the little bits of my life that I cherish the most!


  1. Sooo beautiful.. thanks for sharing these moments in time. never to be forgotten. love you so much. baaahhhhaaaa i could frikin cry!! A RIVA!

  2. I can't believe how long and full D's hair has gotten. They are getting so big. We are due to do another photoshoot soon.


  3. Oh! They are all SOO adorable! Makes me smile, thank you. :)

  4. Misty,

    I'm ready whenever you are! They have changed so much in such a short time it makes me happy yet sad!

  5. {L} Thanks for stopping by! :)


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