Autumn ~ Oh How I Long For You!

It's October 4th and it's 94 FREAKIN' degrees here today!
Everything is green. As green as it can get!
There's no pile of beautiful leaves painted an autumnal pallet.
Nope! Just hot, sticky, humid, heat and sunshine.
And November and December for that matter!
It's just re~donk~ulous!

I own what I guess you'd call a jacket. It's actually a wind~breaker. I wear it, maybe, 2 times a year. If I'm lucky! I haven't worn a pair of socks as a means of keeping my feet warm in ages. Yes, I wear them when I don my sneakers to walk and I rip them off as soon as I'm done because my feet feel like bricks that have been tossed into a fire. But no. No fuzzy socks to keep my tootsies toasty. No uggs. No gloves. No SEASONS! It's perpetually Summer.
This is a photo I took of my house at Christmastime a couple of years ago!

We planted the white inpatients for Christmas decoration!

I know there are many of you reading this, right this very second, who think it would be fantastic to have summer year round. How great, you must think, to wear flip~flops on Thanksgiving or Christmas!? You're thinking about how maddening it is to have to shovel your way out of your house and how your heating bill in the dead of winter is out of control!
I long for that.
I long for autumn evenings when there's a chill in the air reminding me that Halloween is right around the corner. I long to see the leaves change color and slowly drift to earth. I long to smell the telltale aroma of home fires burning and warm bowls of my favorite soups.
I know it sounds like I'm whining. That's because I am! The old adage is
true you always want what you {can't} don't have!
And yes ... the grass is always greener!
At least it is at my house!
Oh, how I long for autumn and all it's golden goodness.


  1. LOL.. I love your writings about this topic. Why don't you come over for a nice long visit to SAG. You can have Moms cottage all to yourselves and I'll leave to you my drawer full of socks. Stay as cool as you are forever, k? k.

  2. Ok so i grew up with seasons then moved and lived for several years in the exact climate you just explained and let me tell you when I moved home I was soooo excited. right now it is in the 40's i have a jacket on in the house and the leaves are all changing... come visit anytime!!

  3. I sooo hear you. Moving down South from up North is maddening this time of year. Mosquitos in December? Who's ever heard of such madness? We are going up for a wedding next week and I can't wait! Warm all year round? Literally, that's for the birds...

    My best, Lynn

  4. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day!!

    I hope fall comes for you soon! I love being able to have the windows open with no ac running, though I am still waiting on all of the trees to change colors.

    It took me a long time to come up with that list!! But I am so glad I did it!

  5. Oh my. I would love to have a little heat again. it has been very cool (more like late October weather) for the last few weeks. Brr!

    Popping in from Twitter to let you know about my new movie about a Mommy Blogger! Follow me @MotherhoodFilm for chances to win tickets, prizes and more!

  6. Oh crazy weather there! Wow.

    And I have to say that I LOVE your blog too and am a new follower. You have tons of fun stuff here. :)

  7. PG alert. Pagma of Top Chef is pregnant. You may want to add her to your celeb collection. Keri

  8. If you stopped by my blog lately, you know I LOVE FALL! I can't imagine not having any seasons, but I'm sure there are some pluses to not having any too! I hope you get to experience Fall like weather soon (even if you have to travel to do so!) My husband's family has a home in AZ, and I get a little thrill out of being there in the winter, and walking around in a t-shirt and flip-flops, maybe your family can make plans to visit in the Fall. Research it, there are some beautiful places in the Fall!

  9. It is too funny. I could live in the heat each and every day. When fall hits here in the NE, as pretty as it is, it is a reminder of the yuck that is on its way. Cold, frozen boogers and freezing snow and ice. So. Not. Fun.

    I'll come visit anytime to escape!

  10. That is a perfect pic of Fall...but we live in Atlanta...it is still warm here too!


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