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I started watching Jon & Kate + 8 shortly before I had Jake & Laney and while we only had twins I quickly identified with their family. I wished to have as much energy as Jon & Kate and dreamed of being as organized as Kate.

I enjoyed the show so much it was scheduled to record so I wouldn't miss one episode. In October 2008 Mr. HTB and I drove 3 1/2 hours North to Orlando to see Jon & Kate speak at the Southern Women's Show.

I was so excited to hear them speak. I couldn't wait! We arrived and got a seat (albeit on the floor) as close to the stage as possible. But I have to say, I was so disappointed! She was not what I expected at all and Jon, barely spoke at all. Perhaps this was when things were starting to wear on them as a couple, I don't know, but I left the convention center in the middle of their "talk" completely deflated.

During their "question and answer" session I gathered my nerves and asked them a question regarding discipline. I was just starting to use "time ~ outs" with Jake & Laney and asked how in the world they got all 8 of their children to actually sit for the "time ~ outs". Kate reluctantly began to answer my question but never once made eye contact with me and the tone of her voice left a lot to be desired.

As I said, we left during the appearance and I have never watched the show since. {However, I admit, I do buy the tabloids}

Last week Jon appeared on Primetime. Here is that interview. If you have the time please watch it and tell me, what is your opinion on Jon & Kate? I'd love to hear.

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  1. I think that Jon has demonstrated what a big, spoiled, selfish, imature schmuck he really is. He was my reason for taking the show off my list, but not because of the qualities I just mentioned. I stopped watching because he was a huge bore. Kate in my opinion is not stupid. She's the one whose making sure she and her kids have the best life they can. A little selfish maybe, but whose true colors are out shining it all?


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