Hello September ~ Where Ya been?

September is here! And that means Halloween is right around the corner! And then, before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here! And then, the Mother of all Holidays....CHIRSTMAS!

I live for this time of year! The decorations are starting to fill the store shelves and my mind is all a flutter with what Jake & Laney should be for Halloween. It's a very hard decision to make. They are at the age still where I can make this decision and I'm taking full advantage of it! Next year they will have opinions of their own {God help me!} and will choose for themselves. And soon after that....they'll start wanting to be stupid stuff. So until that day arrives....I get to choose.

~Delaney as Pebbles~
~Jake as Bamm Bamm~

This year I have no idea what costumes I will make for them. They are already such a "boy" and such a "girl" that I think if it doesn't have wings, wheels or swords, Jake will protest! And if It's not a mermaid, princess or just simply pretty Laney will refuse to wear it!

I guess I should just wait until October is actually here!

I can over think things then!

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  1. They are just too stinking cute!
    Seeing them in their costumes is getting me excited for the fall season.


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