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Can I get a *Woot* *Woot*? I'm so excited! Hoity Toity Baby is getting a makeover! The sweet & talented Lindsey over at Sour Apple Studio is working her magic for me! I thought this would be sooooooooooooo simple! I know what I like. YEAH, RIGHT! There are so many possibilities. Nav bars, Side bar titles, number of columns. When I got my email from her yesterday asking me to fill out the questionnaire and to return it within 7 days I thought.....7 days...I'll have it back to her tonight! I don't need no stinkin' 7 days! Then I started filling it out. And I thought, SEVEN DAYS? THAT'S BARELY ENOUGH TIME TO FILL OUT NUMBER 7 ON THE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I read number 9! Oh, you tricky little number 9! I thought I knew exactly how to answer you. Here is what number 9 asked me: The little bugger!

9. Design Preferences (style, fonts, colors):

And my answer.... Yes! To all of those. I want style, I want cool fonts, I want color (or do I?). ARGH! This is difficult! Tricky, to say the least! I want the makeover to be cool, hip & Hoity Toity, Baby! I want it to draw people in long enough for me to grab their attention and hold it! I want it to be cute, but cool and chic, too! I WANT IT ALL, BABY!

What do you think? What would you like to see here on Hoity Toity Baby ~ The Blog? Leave me a comment and let me know....And remember, leaving a comment this month will enter you to win the Hoity Toity Baby Item of the Month!



  1. yay for new looks! I will be updating my site as well. I'll be looking forward to the launch!

  2. I for one would like to see honerable mention given to the black and the white. Merci


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