My Nemo!

Talk about a beautiful life. I have the best husband, the sweetest babies (who aren't babies anymore) and I am thankful everyday that I get to call them my family!

The video (which isn't the greatest, I apologize) says it all! Daddy teaching his big boy how to fish! What a sight for Mommy! I love them all so much!

And then there is Miss Laney Bug and her Daddy after she caught her fish off our dock in our back yard!


  1. What a cute post! I love that first picture and how it's taken from the back.

  2. LOL.. that is ... beyond words so sweet. U makin me cry.... dman it!

  3. How sweet is this? Love the daddytime photos. Fishing looks like a blast!

  4. How cute! They both look so happy!
    What a great picture.

  5. too precious! I love the curls too.


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