My Baby Has What?!

Now I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm not the only first time Mom out there that obsessively monitored her baby's milestones. You know the milestones I'm talking about! At 3 months this and at 9 months that. I knew that they were just a guideline and that each baby has their own timeline in which they accomplish things, but lets face it....IT'S SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS! It's in every single book, magazine, pamphlet, and Mommy/Baby show we watched during those long 9 months!

For me it started at the birth of Jake & Delaney. Upon their 2nd or 3rd well check, the pediatrician pointed out that Laney had Torticollis. Immediately I found myself in a funk like no other! WHAT? MY BABY HAS WHAT? Then it was explained to me that she favored her right side. Meaning, her head was always leaning to the right. I was told to take her to a Physical Therapist for evaluation. So I went home, and set up the PT evaluation. They recommend that she have physical therapy twice a week and that they would monitor her progress for me. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! So twice a week, I put her in a cute little outfit (of course, she's a girl!) and we went to visit the very nice, sweet & helpful therapist. After about 2 months she made mention of the right side of Laney's sweet, beautiful head, it was flatter than the left side. OMG! Now, not only is Laney listing to starboard she's flat on that side too? The therapist recommended that we seek consultation for a helmet for my sweet little pink piece of perfection!

I agonized over this and, I'll be honest....Mr. HTB and I, ah~hem, "disagreed" about this! I, as a Mommy vowed I would do ANYTHING for my children! ANYTHING! He took the father's position of, she'll be fine, you're overreacting!, and said that as a girl, she would have long hair and it would cover the lopsidedness of her head! (BRILLIANT, I THOUGHT!) So after many "discussions" on the matter, we packed our little buggy and headed down into the depths of Miami for a consult at an office that specialized in this sort of thing. They took measurements, photos, scans, did mathematical equations, stood on one foot and whistled Dixie and came back with the unbiased opinion that she INDEED did need a helmet and would be happy to treat her. I was ready to fork over the money, get my kid all geared up and leave. Mr. HTB on the other hand wasn't!

Now, I have to step in here and say this is a norm for Mr. HTB and myself. I am ready and full of gusto when it comes to things like this and many others! He's ready to sit and think about it! Mull it over, get a few (hundred) other opinions and thoughts on the subject before deciding, well, No! It's not necessary. DRIVES ME INSANE! But I digress.....

So we went home. Discussed it a million and one times at sometimes high decibels and then decided that it was slight enough to fore go the helmet. I would be diligent in keeping her off her back and give her as much tummy time as possible in the HOPES that it would correct itself and that she would be "normal". (I know that sounds harsh, but a the time....that's how I felt)

This same scenario presented itself when they hit that magical stage for language. ARGH....I was told she didn't have "enough" words for a toddler her age and she should, most definitely, right now, without a doubt, hurry or she'll never speak at all, have a speech evaluation! (Which, of course our insurance didn't cover) And again, Mr. HTB and I had very different opinions on the subject at hand. But once again, I acquiesced and ......

Jump forward to today. She's almost 27 months old now. And she's is, indeed, perfect! Talking up a FREAKING storm! She IS PERFECT! As a matter of fact, she walks around the house mimicking me....talking on the cell phone, putting hair ties in her mouth & then putting them in her hair, and scolding them! It's the most amazing sight to see! It's, "Mommy, eat!" and "I wanna go outside!" and "Where diagadore (dinosaur) go?". And the newest word is Platypus! I mean, come on! I can't believe I was so worried. She, no, THEY are perfect in every way! And I am blessed and thank God everyday for them!

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  1. LOL, I love it.... and you're right, she's perfect in very way.


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