Mr. HTB to the Rescue!

FINALLY! After living here at HTB Manor for 8 years we are working on our final 2 DIY room renovations! When we first moved into our home {which was built in the late 60's early 70's} we knew there were some renovations that need to be done immediately!
Like the master bathroom.
It is a small bathroom only about 5x8 but the previous home owners didn't use the space for themselves.....
I mean that quite literally! There were 2 or 3 litter pans in there and it reaked of cat! On top of that it was the original bathroom! Even the shower doors were a disgusting blue & what I am sure, at one time, was clear plastic. I wish we had pictures because you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it with your own eyes! We gutted that bathroom and tiled it with a nice tan tumbled porcelain tile, new custom shower doors and a nice new commode and pedestal sink. It was perfect now, even down to the double shower heads Mr. HTB installed!
After that we did things like replacing the carpet in the master bedroom with wood floors. Most recently we gutted the kitchen {which was also original to the house} and rebuilt the kitchen that anyone would love! See......

Prior to the kitchen renovation, when we learned we were expecting twins we decided to turn the enclosed patio into the master bedroom. It was the perfect idea. Being it over-looked the lake and the back yard. So Mr. HTB {handy man of handy mans} set out to create a master bedroom for us that would be fantastic~



The floor's been raised, the closet is built and the new hurricane rated sliding glass doors are installed~

The wood floors are in and the walls are painted, crown & base are in, time to move in the furniture!

Furniture's in, curtains are hung and it's complete!

It's perfection, in my eyes!

And Mr. HTB is proud of his work...and so am I!

Our latest HOME DIY is the hall bathroom~

This was also original to the house being built. The tub & tile is in excellent condition considering their age. We replaced the matching blue commode about a year or so ago and now it was time to do the rest.

Mr. HTB removed the commode, the vanity {oh, that vanity...wish I'd taken a picture of it}, chipped up the old floor tile & painted the tub & tile with enamel paint.

Here is what we were left with~

And even though there is still some work to finish, here we are today~

The tub & tile are painted a nice, clean, crisp white~

The new 24x24 porcelain tile is installed~

The commode, vanity & lights {including recessed lighting} are installed~

The walls & ceiling are painted {Behr's Aged Beige}

The crown moulding, base board & new bathroom door are ready for installation ~

And then I can accessorise!

The entire bathroom renovation was done for less than $2,000.00!

Mr. HTB....you ROCK!

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