T is for Terrible Twos! Times Two!

I'm sure I'm not the only Mother out in the world who thinks {or says out loud} "God give me strength and patience ~ PLEASE", at least once a day. And I know there are many who have probably said more than that both to themselves and aloud. But today I needed it.
We've been in a pretty good routine here at the HTB house. Obvious to say, we need much more sleep and a cleaning lady wouldn't be bad either. But we do ok. Each morning we all wake up, I fix everyone breakfast, we watch a cartoon or two and then I heard my brood into their bedroom, put in an educational video {LOL}, put the baby gate up and quickly jump in the shower. And lets all face it my shower, you know, the long, hot, relaxing, take my time, shower. That's a thing of the past. Now, I barely undress and let the water warm up before jumping in, and lathering up. And taking the time to shave my legs....when I remember to shave my legs.......well, let's just say I relish those showers! Anywhoo....so today I got the kids all set up in their room and jumped into the shower. At first they didn't like being confined to the one room. But soon they were playing nicely and quietly. YEP...I SAID QUIETLY!

After my quick but necessary shower, I threw on my "Mommy Uniform" and headed into their room to check on them. And to my complete shock I found both of them standing on top of their changing dresser! OK, DID Y'ALL HEAR ME? I SAID ON TOP OF THEIR CHANGING DRESSER! I wish that I carried my camera around my neck because a picture of this would have been one for the scrapbook! I admit it....I pop'd them on their well cushioned heinies and put them in time outs! This was one that I felt really required a little pop on the rear. They could have been seriously hurt! They needed to know that it is not, absolutely NOT ok to climb up on the dressers.

Now, I'm sure you're asking how they got up there. This is the best! They used their Little Tykes Fire Truck. The turned it on its side and climbed on up! They were having a blast! Not a care in the world. I wish I could have seen exactly how they did it. And who intiated it! They are too much and only getting more and more adventurous! So yes, Please God, grant me the strength and the patience to deal with two year old twins that get into EVERYTHING! Or, grant me with the quick camera needed to capture each and every bit of mischief they find!


  1. They're baby geniuses. When you take the fire truck away, they'll learn to climb the dresser drawers like stairs.

  2. OMG! That's hysterical, could have been tragic! What do you mean you wonder who initiated it? I know who it was!


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