A Year of Beauty

Recently I was forwarded a blog to view from my Aunt....the same Aunt who hosts www.samwich365.com and www.spitandglue.blogspot.com , The blog she sent is called One Year of Beauty~An exercise in choosing beauty! And I have to say. It's a brilliant idea. We are all so caught up in our day to day existence that we forget that there is more out there than laundry, dishes, errands, bills, and work! There is beauty all around us and we need to take a moment to look past the mundane lives we live and actually see it!

I'm guilty of not noticing. Who isn't? So today, I'm taking my lead from this new blog (www.oneyearofbeauty.blogspot.com) and I'm going to start a weekly dedicated to something beautiful I've been fortunate enough to see. I'm starting with the pictures below. Shortly after we bought our boat "Dream Baby" we went on our first fishing trip just off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale. It was a beautiful day. There wasn't a ripple in the ocean! And after successfully catching 2 Dorado we were cruising when we saw something in the distance. As I stood on the bow of the boat (to get a better look) I started snapping photos. And to our amazement....it was an amazing Shark! (I'm not sure if it's a shovel nose shark or a hammer head) I couldn't believe how lucky we were to be witnessing such an amazing creature this closely!

So the next time you are out running your kids from soccer practice or to the dentist, take a moment to look at the world around you with a different eye. Because there is beauty all around us!


  1. Nicole, I'm lovin this post, you are so right. The "One Year of Beauty" blog left me inspired too. She has me wishing I could write in the beautiful way that she does. You don't do to badly yourself. Love K

  2. Its a hammerhead and it's beautiful! Can't wait for next week!


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