On the road again!

We're getting ready to hit the road again! I can't wait. My entire family is spread out across the country. From California, to Oregon, to Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, New York & Florida! So any time we can load up the car and take a road trip, I'm in! This time we are heading north to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my Aunts, Lynn & Keri. What's the occasion? My Aunt Lynn's Birthday! That's right, we'll be singing, eating, laughing, drinking, eating, playing games, eating, sleeping, celebrating, eating and visiting....did I mention eating? I am hoping to get some great pictures along the way and some while we're there! I haven't been there in the summer in years so this should be fun, hot, but fun!


  1. Thank you, we will! We don't leave until Thursday morning, VERY EARLY! :)

  2. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Compnee's comin! We gidda see the b a b i e s! We're very excited. Carefull tho, it's gonna rain! HURRY!

  3. have a blast! Sounds like so much fun.

  4. Thanks! We can't wait! I LOVE ROAD TRIPS!


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