Not my precious child!

We've all been there. We all know someone who turns that blind eye. Don't deny it.....it' may even be you! Dare I say. Well, at times it's been me. Although at this stage it's for things like writing on the wall, the couch or the desk. But sooner or later, if I don't get control now, it could be worse! Discipline is a 4 letter word these days. When I was a kid, we better not even think of deifying our parents. Not that we'd be beaten into submission but there would be some sort of consequence. These days most parents can't even threaten their child with punishment with out them threatening to call social services on you! Thankfully, I was the kind of child that dreaded being punished. So I tried, successfully, to stay out of trouble. Not that I didn't have my moments. I didn't want my Mom to be mad at me. For any reason. Now, I don't remember being put in the corner but I am sure my Mom fostered some sort of tactic that kept us in line. (I've asked her many times...but she gives me the same answer each time...."Nicole, I can't remember that far back....you're 36 for God's sake!") Thankfully she didn't raise a brat (no comments please)! And, thankfully, she is determined for me not to raise any brats either! So for Jake & Laney's 2nd Christmas she gave us this fantastic TIME OUT CHAIR! And I'll have you know.....it works like a charm. Jake and Laney have learned quickly that they do not like a time out. And if they require one......all I have to say is "Go sit in your Time Out Chair!" And they run, crying and pouting into the hallway to sit patiently (maybe patiently isn't the word...but they sit there) until I release them from their incarceration. Most of the time they are released early with time served for good behavior! And upon thier release they run to me, hug me and kiss me or each other to say they are sorry for misbehaving. I know that I have many more years ahead of me to use this chair. I just hope it holds up! Or is that I hope I hold up!?


  1. LOL, that's so cute. What a great chair!! You have amazing babies. But wait, if they're old enough for "the chair" they're not babies anymore are they? They're almost not toddlers anymore. You need your own reality show!

  2. Hi Nicole! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some sweet comments. As far as etsy goes, it is okay. I am actually trying to get rid of all of my stuff because I start nursing school in the fall and am not sure if I will have time to keep up. Etsy seems to be hit and miss. I will get slammed one day and then not see anything else for days or weeks. There are just so many people on there selling anything and everything.

    Your stuff is super cute though. I'm going to share your site with some friends. I have lots with girls!! I actually found your through Misty Rice's blog.

    Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you. Have a great day!!


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