In Memory of Elena Walters

A few years ago I worked at a local title company. The girls that worked there were a tight bunch. We worked long hours so we spent a lot of time together and became fast and great friends. I have kept in touch with the majority of them since leaving the company to start my family. I was shocked today to hear that one of the sweetest, funny, amazing young women that I worked with passed away this past Monday. You can read her father's blog which chronicled Elena's fight for life at http://www.weloveelena.blogspot.com/. Elena was only 27 years old. She was full of spirit and loved life! While we had lost daily contact we would comment on each other's Facebook or MySpace pages. Elena and I hit it off right away because we shared a love of Billy Joel of all things. Over the past year or so it was so apparent to me that Elena had found the man of her dreams and that they were living a happy life together. It's such a shame she's gone. Truly a light snuffed out too soon!My thoughts, prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to her family, her best friends and her boyfriend! Elena will be missed.


  1. Such a sad story. Prayers for her family and for you in losing a friend.

  2. I read the story from beginning to end and I am deeply sadden this turned out this way. Such a shame. And crazy enough I came to read your blog and then hers around 1:30 TODAY FRIDAY, while they are celebrating her life. I am praying for her family. She seemed like a beautiful person inside and out.

    Im sorry for your loss of a friend, distant or close, still a friend.

    PS: and I had to come back and say that my word verification is lighting, which is awakened Morgan and me up from a short nap and brought me to your blog. Hmmmmm.......

  3. I am not sure why the "funny" reaction was clicked on this post. This is not funny by any means. I sincerly hope that whoever clicked this did it by mistake! I am not sure how to correct this and I am embarassed to no end. And I apologize to the Walters family. Whoever did this should be ashamed.

  4. I noticed that and thought the same thing. In this case, why would someone click on ANY of the options? Funny, Interesting or Cool? Just some fool or moron. Careful, there's a really stupid person reading your blog!

    Condolences to the family and friends of Elena.


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