Blogger's Arm?

Seriously?! I think I have an acute case of it. Not that I've been blogging up a storm lately but my shoulder and elbow are killing me!! Ok, maybe it's not so much as "blogger's arm" as it is "Researching the World of Blogging Arm" or "How to Make Money at Blogging Arm" or maybe it's even "How to Get Followers" or "How to Get Followers that Actually Comment Arm" or perhaps it's "Who can I find that is willing to design a Blog or a Blog Website for Hoity Toity Baby for little or next to nothing arm"! I think that last one may be what I really have! Any takers?! I'm a good person and would be gratefully appreciative! It's hard to build a custom blog with no money....let alone build an empire without it!

What ever it is that I have I know that it is accompanied by "I want it all right now syndrome"! I can't help it! I want the cute custom blog/blog website! I want followers. I want followers that comment! I want to get my voices out there! (Yes, I said voices) I want time to blog! I want content to blog about! I want you to want the Hoity Toity Baby brand and to live the Hoity Toity Lifestyle! I want you to want me.....I neeed you to neeeed me....I'd love you to love me.... oh- sorry, channeling Cheap Trick.

So that is my goal for the next year! To build the Hoity Toity (Baby) Empire! To find a reasonable web designer, to have a huge following, to create, to inspire, to design. To fulfill my dreams and to be happy doing it. So just like Tori Spelling and Suzanne Sommers.....I will have an empire! I will have an empire! I will.....have an empire! If you build it.....they will come! So I've heard!


  1. Nicole, did you get my email? I sent it Monday with a whole bunch of info for you. I can SAVE your blogging arm. lol Anyway, if you didn't get it email and let me know and if you did email and let me know.

  2. Hey Super Mom. Lovin your stories.


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