No rest for the weary!

That is the truest statement I've ever spoken! And if you have little ones you know EXACTLY what I speak of!

Early Friday morning Delaney woke up crying hysterically! It was certainly not a normal cry so I rushed into her room to find her standing in her crib reaching out to me calling "Mama, Mama!". I picked her up only to discover that she was ON FIRE! Not just warm, but so hot to the touch that I immediately stripped her down to her diaper and rushed her into the kitchen, took her temp (103.5) gave her Motrin and took her immediately to the bathroom and put her in a tepid bath, hoping to bring her fever down. There was no way getting around it....I was in for a day from *heck*!

My poor baby continued to cry hysterically as I tried to cool her down, call Daddy & our doctor. I was helpless. So I took her from the bath into my room and layed her down on my bed and crawled in next to her. I had done everything I could until the doctor's office opened at 9am.

I had been feeling ill the 2 days prior to Friday but tried my best to not kiss on them (which killed me) while I was sick. Now, here we were with a sick little girl. Jake was still asleep but I assumed he would wake up in the same manner! He didn't thank God! Nope, he woke up full of energy and spunk! Thankfully Daddy came home and stayed with Jake for the rest of the day so sick Mommy and sick Laney could cuddle in bed together all day and watch Disney cartoons!

The doctor's office opened and I took her in. They took her temp when we arrived (102.9) and gave her an additional dose of medication (I had under medicated her that morning and didn't have children's motrin only the infant formula) which brought her temp back to normal almost immediately! Then they ran a strep test that came back negative. So we still don't know what was wrong with my little peanut!

This morning she woke up a different child. She's not back 100% but she's pretty close! She ate breakfast and lunch (though much less than normal) but I was happy to see her with at least some appetite! She and Jake are sleeping soundly now for their nap. And I'm headed for one myself!


  1. Great clothing line you've got started... Cute stuff!
    I'd love to learn to make a pillow case dress for my little Chloe (before she's too big to get away with it!).

  2. So glad she is feeling better. Isn't it great to see the resiliency of kids?

  3. Poor little Baby Girl! I love you K


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