My sweet, little man, Jake!

~ Photographs courtesy of Misty Rice Photography!~
I cannot thank Misty enough for her amazing photographs! Misty is a fellow Marley & Me mommy. Her very own Hoity Toity Baby, Morgan, played Baby Patrick along with Jake & Delaney...only Morgan was 2 weeks old when we filmed! We met breifly on the set and then went our seperate ways. Some time had past when I came upon her blog while surfing the web. I was so impressed with what I saw! The photographs posted of her children on her blog were simply beautiful! Just as I have learned Misty is both inside and out!

I emailed her and inquired about her taking some photos for Hoity Toity Baby. And out of her kind, amazing heart she offered to shoot the photos for nothing more than photo credit! She has said to me that she is not a professional, but that is what I would call her! As you can see the pictures on the HTB site are simply perfect!

Misty not only took amazing shots of my children but she has touched our hearts with her generous gift!

Look at the wonderful blog she wrote about us and about Hoity Toity Baby!

And please visit her web site:

It's so nice to know that there are people in the world that can touch others with their kindess, their time and their actions!

Thank you again Misty! Like I said before....YOU ROCK

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